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Most everything within my gallery belongs to me, what has a Copyright Law by LumiResources icon in the description is actually under copyright law, and not placed there for intimidation purposes.

Most everything here is a concept of my novel; Light's Tear

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United States
“Redefining Story-Telling, One Step at a time!”
- Me
My life is on the road to success. Not only am I one to find a way to express myself, I am an Eternal Student of Life. The aspect of story-telling defines me in a way, which brings me happiness. My current goal, is to bring a novel, into our world of imagination, named “Light’s Tear”... The Novel, is my dedicated life work.

As a side hobby I like to draw, I like to bring a visualization of my novel to life, So when people read about these characters on the page, They see the character. I have worked very hard on this and I am very proud of what I have accomplished.

My profession, is Videography and Motion Graphics Design. As an aspect of storytelling, I have other stories I’d love to tell, However would not look as good on paper. Therefore my job is to make visual media, to help me with these idea’s.
One day, I hope to change the world.
So I kinda use commissioned Art as a "conduit" between the art, and my novel. Now I know I have not put out much original art as of late, but its because I have started a job last year and my job requires me to work 4-5 days a week, working 12 hours a day, and I rarely have ambition to put out any art work.

This journal entry is about some recent interactions with some commissioners; Artists. I am trying to get some quality work done, for my novel, and the thing I have noticed, is one price is advertised to me. Then I provide with some art reference, and concept for the art, then the artist will change the price, and doubling and if not quadrupling the price after I show them the pictures. 

I am not sure What the hell is going on with the community but, that is extremely rude. If you advertise a set price at first don't raise it, that makes you look disrespectful to your customers, and yeah, don't be surprised for some rude comments

I don't know if this guy was trolling me, But he offered me a single picture with a detailed background for $250, Then raised it to $1,500 after giving the details. Now am I going to get a brand new cellphone and laptop with that picture? or plane tickets and a overnight stay at a 5 star Hotel to watch you draw it with that price. No. Do NOT pull this "uh WELL I gotta pay duh bills" because You should have a full time job, and be paying your bills, but do commissions to help pay for those bills, Not entirely relied upon.

I mean if I want a quality picture I am okay with paying a $100 for a picture. But if you up the price to $350, after agreeing to $100, Yes I am going to be upset, and yes I will be rude, and yes, I will blow you off even though I was the one who messaged you.

Don't raise the prices for any reason just because you want more money at the last second, or for any reason what so reason.

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